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In Signature My Little Pony magazine issue #42, DJ Pon-3 is featured in the eight-page comic story Save DJ Pon-3's show!

When a heavy rainstorm prevents DJ Pon-3 from putting on a concert, the Mane Six cheer her up by putting on an indoor party and having her perform.

Her eye color is also shown in the episodes A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, Slice of Life, and A Hearth's Warming Tail to be moderate cerise, the same as that of Rainbow Dash and many other ponies.

Her coat color in the DJ Pinkie Pie game is the same, while her Playful Ponies toy is white.It appears as such on the show, on a trading card, and on websites (all showing the left side of her body), In the IDW comics' My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #11 story neigh anything..., Shining Armor's flashback shows her getting her cutie mark watching him, Poindexter, 8-bit and Gaffer perform to get the attention of Princess Cadance.DJ Pon-3 first appears in Suited For Success for a brief three-second moment during the opening of Rarity's first fashion show, operating a turntable with her unicorn magic.She later attends Twilight's dinner party at the Castle of Friendship.She appears in A Hearth's Warming Tail in the story within the story as a musician at Snowdash's party spinning the gramophone alongside violinist Octavia.

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