Who is eminem dating right now

The way he's going he's worried he's going to end up in really bad trouble,' a source told The Sun newspaper at the time.

The source added: 'He wants to talk him into going to therapy and counselling to deal with the stress of fame in a positive way.'Justin currently is on his Purpose World Tour with his next scheduled performance Friday in Cardiff, Wales.

Born to Eminem’s mother, Deborah in 1986, Nathan goes by the moniker “Nate Kane” and is also a rapper in his own right.

He lives with his older brother and the three girls in the same house.

She was known to abuse dangerous narcotics like heroin.

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It was not far where she grew up with Eminem and Kim.Justin Bieber took to Instagram on Thursday to share a throwback photo of himself with Eminem.The 23-year-old Canadian pop star sported the shaggy haircut from early in his career as a singer.#7 Eminem Loves to Spoil—Just because he’s a tough and abrasive hip-hop star doesn’t mean he’s like that at home.In fact, Eminem has continually been noted in the media as a devoted family man, committed to raising his three daughters and half brother under the best circumstances possible.

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